Pars Plastic Khuzestan Company

Pars Plastic Khuzestan Company was registered in 1995 in Khuzestan and Ahvaz city and at that time started its activity by having a vacuum forming machine and three printing machines on packaging containers. This company was established in 1996 in Shahrak. Ahvaz Industrial No. 2, which is the first town approved by the Industries, Mines and Environment Organizations for production units in the chemical industry, has obtained a license from the Industries and Mines Organization, and its sheet, packaging and 6-color printing unit has officially Has been set up in the mentioned town. The company with the appropriate machinery and facilities, the use of quality raw materials, the use of skilled manpower and the choice of correct production methods has been able to improve the quality of products to some extent that some customers of the company after several years Many have not been able to choose another source of supply to purchase the relevant items.


Continuous response to requests before and after purchasing goods from this company

Raw material

Use of raw materials in accordance with the requested product and standard


 Low Prices due to Utilizing innovative Production Methods


High quality and customer satisfaction


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